welcome to the refugee art project.


When Stones Speak

On August 27th, Hanna Brinkmann (Kaarst, Germany) and Berthold (Leichlingen, Germany)

will work together with refugees, immigrants and anyone interested on a stone. The stone will
be set up in each city’s center as a symbol for cooperation, tolerance and open mindedness.
Each mason or sculptor interested in participating, and extending this project to his or her city,
is very much welcome to join.

Please insert your data down into the map.

This way, everyone can see from where around the world the ideas come from.
The stone willbe brought to life on August 27th
Materials, any needed permits from the city or press attendance have to be organized
individually according to their local needs.


If you like this project and find it interesting, please share with all the masons and sculptors
you know! The more people we are, the louder the stones will speak – without words, but
across borders and in all languages.


Down on the map you see the places were sculptors will start the project.
After the event day it will be possible to upload and share view all the stone pictures.



You are interested and want to be a part?

Just go down to the map - click on the "Create Locations"-Button above the upper left corner and fill in your data.
Fill in the adress/place your event will happen. It would be great if you could fill in a phone number, E-Mail adress or your website.
Don't forget to press the save button afterwards at the upper left corner

If you've recognize you've made a mistake after saving your data. 
send us an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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